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        Guidelines for Authors


Authors are invited to contribute articles to Asian Musicology.  The following are general guidelines for those submitting articles to be considered for publication in Asian Musicology:


1. Text

Manuscripts are to be submitted to the editor, who reserves the right to have them refereed by specialists and to copy-edit them in cooperation with the author.  Only research data not published elsewhere will be accepted for publication in the journal.  An article generally contains between 10 and 24 printed pages, which includes an abstract, pictures/illustrations/musical examples and captions, footnotes, and bibliography.


Please submit final manuscripts by E-mail peacemusic@gmail.com


The journal publisher has its own formatting template, so manuscripts should be kept simple: no special fonts (even for titles or headings) and special markings should only be in italics (for foreign words) and bold print, where necessary.


2. Illustrations

Authors are encouraged to submit photographs (black-and-white, or color with good contrast), slides, diagrams, illustrations, and musical examples.  Such illustrative material should be submitted in camera-ready form with captions and credits provided.  Please write the number and caption on the back of each item.


3. Footnotes and References

Footnotes appear at the bottom of each page. Do not use full bibliographic references within the text, footnotes, or captions, but refer simply to the author, year of publication, and when appropriate, page numbers (e.g. Chun 2002:109).


Complete bibliographical information should be placed separately under “References.”



For a journal article:

Chun, In Pyong.  2007.  “The Magnificent and Grand Beauty in Korean Traditional Music.”  Asian Musicology 11:61-118.


For a book

Chun, In Pyong.  2001.  The New History of Music. 

Please provide the full name of the author, and for books, the publisher and place of publication.


4. Deadlines

Manuscripts should be delivered to the editor by the following deadlines: March 15 for the May edition and September 15 for the November edition.  Each author receives 5 free copies of the issue.  All authors may also order their volume and other publications of the Council for Asian Musicology at a 30% discount.


5. Checklist

Here is a short checklist when you send your manuscript to us:


1. manuscripts in Word format (at least Word 97 or newer) should be made to conform to Asian Musicology style.  The text should include:


(a) a 200-word maximum abstract

(b) footnotes, if necessary

(c) references

(d) keywords(5-7 words)

(e) a 70-word maximum author’s biodata

(f) author's e-mail address


2. Photos, slides, diagrams, illustrations, and musical examples, numbered in order on the back of each item, with captions and credits (permissions for use should also be obtained, when necessary).  The placement of each illustration should be clearly marked in the text


3. Short biographical information about the author(s)


4. Include contact details (postal address, fax, e-mail)


The editor of Asian Musicology looks forward to working with you!



Prof. Dr. Chun In Pyong(全仁平)



E-mail:  peacemusic@hanmail.net/peacemusic@gmail.com


Website:  www.asianmusicology .net


Address: Olympic Press Apt. 102-304. Songpa Yangjaedaero 1218. SEOUL 138-787, KOREA(south)